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The Flyin’ Hoppers group was formed as a swing dance project focused on dance performances and workshops or demonstrations of individual dances with a talk about their history. If you would like to enliven your event with something and experience something unconventional that will entertain people, do not hesitate to contact us. We believe that we will come up with something exactly for you!


We are a community of swing enthusiasts who are jointly involved in the expansion of swing in Ostrava.


Zuzka is just a shot, he is first on the floor and always ends last. With its energy, it can brighten any room. He and Dario are the founders of Flyin’ Hoppers. She has been swinging for only a month longer than Dario and has also achieved several successes and prizes in various dance competitions. For example in Munich, Innsbruck, Brno or at one of the largest swing festivals focused on collegiate shag dance in Barcelona, ​​where it was placed twice, in solo shag and a year later in pair collegiate shag. In addition to lindy hop, Zuzka primarily focuses on a swing dance called collegiate shag, which is characterized by its madness and rapid leg movements. This year, however, she also reached the finals of the solo jazz competition in Brno. He and Darius form a really energetic couple.


Dario is a dance teacher, performer and founder of Flyin Hoppers. He dedicates himself to almost all swing dances, especially lindy hop, which was characterized by its energy in the 1930s and used elements of acrobatics. He also specializes in solo jazz / charleston, which was popular in the 20’s to 40’s for his specific moves. You can see an example of Charleston in the movie The Great Gatsby. They also dance swing dances such as: collegiate shag, pair charleston, one step, two step, blues. Although Dario has been involved in swing for only five years, after a year and a half he achieved his first successes when he won 3rd place at the international swing festival in Germany. Half a year later, he again placed 3rd at the international festival in Brno and in Poland he placed 3 times in a row, once 3rd place, second time 2nd place and finally 1st place. He also worked as a dance performer at the Cabaret des Péchés in Brno.


Janča is a dance teacher who originally started teaching in Frýdek-Místek in Old Town Swing and then focused on Ostrava, where she is one of the founders of the Swingville dance school and where she also started performing. Of the swing dances, he devotes the most to lindy hop. Thanks to her elegant style, which describes Janča, she also started dancing balboa, which is a very fast, but at the same time very elegant and gentle dance. She had never danced anything before, but the swing engulfed her completely and she has great goals in this direction.


Kača is indispensable in our team. He knows everything first hand, because he is the one who writes down your questions and sends the latest info about all our events and courses. At the same time, the other half of our Janča is also. Not only are they genuine twins, but when you talk to them, you feel that all your senses have doubled. It’s a fascinating experience! But when you get to know them better, you’ll find that they’re not the same. Kača started dancing swing not only because she liked the dance, but also because she is by nature an introvert and she was tempted to be part of the community. Her goal is to improve in dance so that she feels comfortable and creative in it and is not afraid to participate in international festivals. Of the swing dances, she prefers lindy hop, but she is also attracted to faster tempos such as balboa and collegiate shag. Her favorite song is Like it is by Heart of Dixie, so when it sounds at the dance floor, don’t forget to challenge her!


Bez vášně a zápalu našeho týmu by to zkrátka nešlo! Děkujeme za pomoc s organizací kurzů, lekcí, tančíren i vystoupení.


Stell the HepCat – a creative wild cat for which there is a swing with the whole soul, body and space. He builds on tradition, but freely breaks down all boundaries and creates his own style. In one person she is a dancer, teacher, performer, designer of dance clothes, seamstress, selector of traditional swing music and electro swing DJ-ane. Maybe she danced before she learned to walk. She went through modern, basics of Latin, Slovak folk dance and long years of ballet drill. However, years ago, the swing and pre-swing era caught her by the heart. After successfully participating in international competitions in Boogie Woogie, they founded their own dance school B-Swing in Bratislava. Lindy Hop and Solo Charleston / Jazz steps taught here for several years. She brings the young generation to dance with her crazy workshops in Charleston on the Czech-Slovak string Electroswing Fever. You could experience it several times on the stage of the summer festivals Pohoda, Colors of Ostrava and Beats for Love. Her specialty is musicality and connecting the world of music and dance.


Peta is our youngest member of the team. She doesn’t dance for long, but she basically still dances. And when he’s not dancing, he at least sings. The swing simply failed. In college, of course, as the name suggests, Collegiate Shag prefers. Still, he likes Lindy Hop and has been flirting with Boogie Woogie lately. His not-so-secret love is jazz, in various forms from modal jazz to hard-bop to gypsy-swing. If the dancers play so old that no one remembers them anymore or it sounds like French, chances are he is playing today.


Monca is our passionate reinforcement of the team. It always runs at 150%. She takes care of the graphics and design and is really very handy! She was led to swing by her love of old movies and overall she is a lover of the swing era. One day she would like to dance like Ginger and we believe that with her will she will succeed! Of the swing dances, the closest to her are collegiate shag, charleston and boogie woogie, she definitely doesn’t save energy. It follows the motto: “No time, waste time!” As with the other people on the team, swing has become her lifestyle.


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