Jazz Monkeys performance group is a project focused on swing performances and workshops on different events

Co nabízíme?

Nabídka Popis Délka trvání Cena
Dance performance One dance 2 – 4 min. 6.000 CZK
Dance performance Two dances 4 – 8 min. 10.000 CZK
Dance performance Three dances 6 – 12 min. 13.000 CZK
Workshop Short dance workshop
Dance leasson:
– solo dance
– couple
15 – 20 min. 1.000 CZK
Workshop Long dance workshop
Dance leasson:
– solo dance
– couple
45 – 60 min. 3.000 CZK
Gaff – Dance party Dance party – Gaff production:
– recorded Music
– swing DJ
–  three dance performances
– one short dance wokrshop
All night 20.000 CZK

SwingParadise – strictly trinity competition

(competition video)

Swingalia – Spiderman

(performance: Futurum PARKÁČ)

Mafia ball in Skotnice

(performance: Rhytm, Swingalia band)

Company event in DOV

(performance: Black and white, electroswing)




Using acrobatics

Cooperation with Swingalia band

We will make you events dancing

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